Experience shows that good personnel management helps to create a better working environment.

At DYNAMIC ADVISERS, we have the finest professionals and the right tools to handle all the needs that might arise in the employment area. Our Labour Relations Graduates will attend to your needs immediately and thoroughly.

The world of labour relations undergoes constant change and it is important to have continual advice such as that offered by DYNAMIC ADVISERS to its clients.

Employment services

Recruitment, payroll and social security payment slips (SILTRA)

Personal Income Tax accounting – retentions and payments on account

Management of quittance and dismissal procedures/redundancy processes

Legal assistance in judicial mediation and processes

Company succession

Employment audits

Answering enquiries from companies, self-employed and/or private persons

Processing of incapacity and retirement

Management of widows’ and orphans’ pensions

Advice concerning grants and company creation.

Other services